Surfing Western Australia is excited to have launched our second season of #BeyondWaves for the women of Western Australia earlier this morning. The program will run each month through until the end of March with an aim to get women together in and around the waves, in turn increasing female participation in the sport and creating a network of like-minded WA women who can also enjoy the social side of surfing.

The 4-week course is designed as an introduction to surfing, as well as combing breathing, stretching & balance exercises to support and develop participants overall surf fitness. By combining the benefits of physical and mental vitality as well as encouraging social connection, women will walk away from every session feeling renewed, reenergised and reconnected with the ocean.

Surfing WA’s team of professional and highly qualified surf instructors will help you to achieve your surfing goals and will provide ladies with the confidence to make them feel totally comfortable in and around the ocean.

After a successful first season, Surfing WA has expanded #BeyondWaves to get more women involved. Multiple programs are now available with different days and start times on offer between November 2020 and March 2021.

“Providing an opportunity for more women to get involved in surfing has always been a challenge,” said Surfing WA’s Surf School Operations Manager Matt Wilson. “Clearly there’s a demand for programs like this and we’re thrilled to be doing our bit to help breakdown participation barriers.” 

In addition to the health benefits, engaging in physical activity and group sports provides increasingly important opportunities for socialisation, peer-support, conversation and reduces the possibility for loneliness related physical and mental illnesses. 

“Having experienced many mental health issues growing up it became very clear that enjoyment was a key value of mine to maintain in my life. The #BeyondWaves program is a game changer! It has super passionate instructors, an opportunity to connect with like-minded women (I still surf with the group I met in the program!), weekly time set aside for purely for yourself to become actively present in the ocean,” said program participant Fiona Williams. “Reaping all the benefits of fresh air, saltwater, as well as space to practice yoga, which I think is the perfect compliment & necessary component of surfing recovery. Thank you so much Surfing WA, I’m definitely jumping in again for #BeyondWaves this summer.”

#BeyondWaves Courses are running during the following months:

– NOVEMBER: Mondays @ 7am. 02.11 to 23.11.2020
– DECEMBER: Wednesdays @6.30am. 02.12 to 23.12.2020
– DECEMBER: Tuesdays @10am. 01.12 to 22.12.2020
– MARCH: Tuesdays @ 9.30am. 09.03 to 30.03.2021
– MARCH: Mondays @ 6.30am. 08.03 to 29.03.2021
– FEBRUARY: Mondays @ 6.30am. 01.02 to 22.02.2021
– JANUARY: Fridays @ 6.30am. 08.01 to 29.01.2021

 Visit our booking page to sign up or get in touch if you’d like to know more about the program. 

About #BeyondWaves:
Surfing Western Australia created the program #BeyondWaves to get women together in & around waves and enjoy the social side of surfing. The aim is to increase participation in surfing for females in WA.


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