Boardrider Clubs

Club surfing as the grassroots of Australian surfing. Our purpose is to support our Boardriders Clubs to enable them to lead and develop their members, strengthening the foundation of the surfing pathway. Club competitions teach the skills required to pursue a competitive career and introduce surfers to the benefits of the support and friendship offered by club environment.

The Boardriders club system is supported by SportAUS and is recognised as the most advanced in the surfing world and is a vital link in the sport development pathway. We are committed to working with our clubs to ensure that the sport of surfing continues to go from strength to strength and maintains its status as a truly iconic Australian pastime.

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Surfing Australia in partnership with our State Association are initiating an exciting new phase in Club administration and club member management. The JustGo!Membership Surf Portal with the extra Clubs+ is Surfing Australia’s secure surfing portal which is totally free to all our affiliated clubs throughout Australia.

All the normal benefits of being an affiliated Surfing Australia Club applies with our comprehensive insurance and a range of products and services which are included in our 2022 Tiered Affiliation packages.

Check out the info below on our affiliation benefits or guide on how to to administer your club on the new portal. For more information or support, please contact us.