WA Boardrider Club Hub

The WA Boardrider Club Hub has been developed as a one-stop destination for boardriders and their current and prospective members, streamlining club connectivity and administration. Whether you’re new to the sport seeking community or an experienced administrator in need of membership setup guidance, this hub caters to your needs. All resources provided are in collaboration with Surfing Australia. For further information, please to contact Surfing WA.

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The Boardriders Club System in Australia

Surfing WA, alongside the National body, acknowledges club surfing as the cornerstone of Australian surfing, aiming to empower Boardriders Clubs, fostering member growth and strengthening the surfing pathway. Club competitions enhance skills and promote camaraderie. Supported by SportAUS, the club system is at the forefront of surfing development, playing a crucial role in the sport’s advancement.

Why Affiliate?

Surfing Australia, in partnership with Surfing WA State, introduces a new phase in club administration and member management. The JustGo Membership Surf Portal, inclusive of a complimentary upgrade to Clubs Essential, offers a secure platform designed for positive member experiences. Affiliated clubs can access this portal at no cost. Benefits include comprehensive insurance coverage and a variety of products and services tailored to their needs, all part of tiered affiliation packages.

Club Management

In the Club Management section, you’ll find step-by-step guidance on the affiliation process, along with comprehensive support resources and the range of benefits that come with affiliation. Additionally, you’ll have access to event manuals to streamline your club’s events, as well as valuable mental health resources tailored specifically for club administrators. Whether you’re navigating the affiliation process or seeking support in event planning and mental health awareness, this section has you covered.

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