Surfing WA’s New Home

South Trigg Beach will soon be the new home of Surfing WA.

Development has commenced on new purpose-built amenities, located approximately 250 metres south of our current base (where we have been since 1995).

The surge in popularity of our sport has seen us well and truly outgrow where we live – it is no longer considered suitable for the needs of Surfing WA and the surfing community.

Our new location is next to the City of Stirling’s ablutions and disused kiosk at the south end of the Trigg Beach car park. It is due for completion in mid 2022, fully funded by the Federal Government and Surfing WA. The land is provided through a City of Stirling ground lease.

What to expect

A perimeter fence (surrounding a larger area at the location) will ensure safety and security at the site during the development phase. When completed and the safety fencing is removed, the public will be able to access the new building’s surrounds and shared-use amenities.

The builder does not anticipate any major interruptions at the site during development. Some short periods of disruption may occur, though are expected to be minor and temporary. Advance notice will be provided at the location and on the City of Stirling website.

The builder is Bistel and they will manage work at the site, plus builder vehicle traffic and general traffic management. Bistel is intending the majority of work to happen Mondays to Fridays, with occasional work on Saturdays.

While this work is being done, Surfing WA will continue to operate from our current location. We will keep members and Surf School participants informed of progress and planned activity changes down the track.

Our new location

Our new home will be a low-line / single-storey, demountable facility, designed to complement the coastal environment. For Surfing WA members and the wider community, it will provide:

  • Reduced traffic, parking and crowd congestion at Trigg’s current northern car parks.
  • Public Open Space retained and rehabilitated with grassed terracing, trees, landscaping, shade shelters and seating.
  • A new landscaped ‘pause’ area with seating for pedestrians and cyclists, to improve access for users of the paved coastal pathway.
  • A surfing memorabilia display for public viewing.
  • Safer, more efficient training amenities for surfers – catering to future growth of our Surf School program (the largest in WA).
  • A custom-designed location for modern surf education, training, equipment, events and work spaces.
  • New washdown facility, change rooms and ablutions for surf participants and coaches.

Please note:

  • Beach access will not change.
  • No change will occur to existing public ablution amenities.
  • Public Open Space on the northern end of the site will be retained and rehabilitated (see above).
  • There will be no change to fenced dune coverage on the eastern side of the site (immediately adjacent to the roundabout). This will be retained as current.

Wider support

Surfing WA will provide areas within the new premises (for example, amenities for training and development, meetings, functions etc) for use by local boardrider clubs, other sporting clubs, community groups, commercial organisations and the wider community. We will do this wherever practical and compatible with our day-to-day operations.

For further information about our new location and its progress, visit the City of Stirling’s website.