Why partner with surfing?

Surfing is not just a sport, it’s one of the most desirable lifestyles in the world. With 85% of Australians living less than 50km from the coast it’s accessible to most people, and once learnt it’s a skill for life. There is momentum behind the sport in Australia from grass-roots community and participation, through the surfing events pathway, to our world-class elite athletes.  Surfing’s inclusion at the Tokyo Olympics is testament to the groundswell of support of the sport globally.

For a brand, aligning with surfing in Australia means supporting a sport that is culturally relevant, inclusive and accessible; with universal appeal across all demographics including men, women, kids and families. Surfing indexes highly on female participation and is the most family-orientated sport in Australia. Surfing fans are more likely to over-index as healthy, active, image-conscious, social, environmentally responsible, and progressive. According to a Gemba Report in 2019, Surfing’s perceptions are of a fun-loving and aspirational sport including ‘youthful’, ‘cool’, ‘exciting’ and ‘fun’ attributes. It’s also the 2nd most trusted sport in Australia, making it a safe environment for your brand.

Why Surfing Western Australia?

Our mission is to promote participation, interest and achievement in surfing for the West Australian community and we seek to encourage, promote, advance and administer the sport of surfing in WA. We are actively involved in all levels of the industry; from developing educational programs and training coaches and judges, to providing pathway initiatives for both young and experienced surfers.

Our supporters love to watch our surfing events on their local beach or follow us on social media. They engage with authentic content across our digital platforms. People of all ages learn to surf through our participation programs in order to stay healthy, connected to nature and for the positive mental health benefits.

Our vision is to continue to be one of Australia’s most loved sports, creating authentic heroes and champions to inspire the next generation to learn a skill for life. 

Surfing WA in numbers:

  • 18 Learn To Surf Schools affiliated
  • 26 Affiliated Boardrider Clubs
  • 4,088 State wide competitors
  • +71k Surf School participants
  • +145k Social media network members
  • Delivering 26 annual events
  • Reaching 1.5m people annually

Ways to partner with us

Surfing WA offers a variety of sponsorship packages. Through our events, membership and participation programs, we are able to help you connect with a highly desirable demographic. For more information on the partnership opportunities available, please get in touch.

Let’s connect: