Surfing WA is stoked to bring you the #NoTxtNoWrecks message in partnership with the State Government and the Road Safety Commission. We’re calling upon all WA surfers to support Surfing WA’s our mission to promote the dangers of driver inattention, particularly texting while driving. 

Image with Text: No Txt No Wrecks

Why is this message important to us?
As surfers, we spend countless hours travelling across the state to enjoy WA’s wave-rich coastline. We’ve noticed a concerning trend within the community of driver inattention, with a marked increase of people texting while driving. We want to encourage behavioural change in drivers young and old across the state to stop the devastation of preventable road accidents caused by driver in attention.

How can you get involved?
Lead by example. Make sure your phone is safely stored away and out of reach while driving! Help us spread the No Txt No Wrecks message by using #NoTxtNoWrecks and connecting with us on social media.

Younger drivers can refer to the Road Safety Commission website which has some great resources.

Mobile Phones, Distractions, Behaviours People safety pages are loaded full of great information for young and novice drivers. 

Check out the Road Safety Commission’s website here: www.rsc.wa.gov.au

Did you know?
In 2015, 17–19 year old’s represented just four per cent of the WA population yet made up 10 per cent of the fatalities on our roads.

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