Close to 100 of Western Australia’s best young surfers put on an amazing show in large and powerful waves at Surfers Point, Margaret River for opening event of the Woolworths WA Junior Surfing Titles presented by SumSmart. 

The surf gods delivered with Main Break showing it can handle a wide variety of conditions, with 2-3 feet waves on Saturday building to 6-10 feet yesterday. The conditions brought out the best from WA’s new generation of surfing superstars who relished the opportunity to compete in arguably some of the biggest waves ever seen at a junior surfing event in the country.

Seven champions were crowned in what was a truly memorable weekend of waves, as surfers battled hard with hopes of qualifying for the 2021 Australian Junior Surfing Titles to be held in Queensland in December. 

“This was one of the best weekends I can remember for a while,” said Surfing WA Events Manager Justin Majeks. “This is a World Championship Tour (CT) location and its where these kids will hopefully one day compete as either a local trialist or as a full time CT surfer. I’m stoked with how the event has panned out.”

With the swell forecast to build throughout the weekend, the younger competitors were completed on Saturday, with the Under-12 Micro Groms and Under-14 Boys and Girls divisions benefitting from light winds and fun 2-3 feet peaks.

Reigning Under-14 Boys State Champion Maverick Wilson (Dunsborough), was in great form and took out the Grom Boys final, surfing a smart heat and tackling some big sections on his forehand.

Wilson caught just three waves in the final, opening with a 7.25 (from a possible 10) and finishing on a combined total of 12.40 (from a possible 20), edging out a determined trio of Okie Fraser (Margaret River), Sid Englert (Gracetown) and Remy North (Yallingup).

“I’m stoked to get the win and it’s been a really fun day,” said Wilson. “I surfed five heats today so I’m pretty done, but thanks to everyone here and thanks to the boys in the final for pushing me.”

Olive Hardy (Gnarabup) took out the Under-14 Grom Girls final on the strength of her combination of committed take offs and linking manoeuvres. Hardy set the tone for a dominate weekend for her family by taking out Leila Fraser (Margaret River), Mia Jacobs (Mandurah) and Indie Seidmiogrodzki (City Beach).

“It’s been so fun and surfing Main Break with just us girls out there is pretty cool,” said Hardy. “My sister and I have been surfing out here a lot with our dad and I’m glad we surfing today.”

Ace Flynn (Cowaramup) took the win in the Under-12 Micro-Groms final, defeating an impressive group of young chargers who will shape the future of the sport in coming years. Flynn was challenged by Rhys Bulloch (Secret Harbour), Cruz Uros (Dunsborough) and Cam Spencer (Dunsborough), but his two-wave combined total of 12.90 (from a possible 20) was enough to secure the win.

“Our family has been over on the Sunshine Coast so it’s nice to have a wetsuit on again and feel the push of the WA waves,” said Flynn. “It was a great day and I’m stoked to get the win.”

Day two of competition dawned with a new energy and intensity to the ocean and the need for bigger boards and thicker leg ropes was evident. Showing it’s true class, Main Break delivered clean and powerful waves all day, as the blue-ribbon Under-18 and Under-16 Boys and Girls divisions charged and impressed a strong beach crowd who gathered to watch the action.

George Simpson (Gracetown) was one the standout surfer’s of the weekend, taking out the blue ribbon Under-18 Junior Boys final. Simpsons powerful rail was delight, finding both rights and lefts to amass a combined total of 15.65 (from a possible 20), which included an excellent 9.00 and back up 6.65.

Despite the best efforts Jack Mitchell (Margaret River), Jack Mickle (Trigg) and Brock Launders (Margaret River), Simpson left his opponents in combination or chasing good to excellent scores for the win.

“To score waves like this for a comp is pretty rare and I’m glad we got the chance to get out there and surf it to ourselves which is pretty rare,” said Simpson. “I’ve never been chaired up those stairs before so that felt pretty special.”

Willow Hardy (Gnarabup) confirmed that she’s is a star on the rise claiming victory in both the Under-16 Girls and Under-18 Girls divisions, displaying unbelievable commitment and wave knowledge to take out the weekend’s only double-win.

Hardy credited her performance to her time spent in the water with her dad and sister over the past months and thanked everyone who has supported her journey.

“I’m so stoked, chance to surf a five star wave for a comp is amazing,” said Hardy. “Most comps are in average beach breaks, but to get the chance to surf a bigger board in the conditions like we had today was so an amazing experience.”

Mia Scott (Margaret River), Isi Campbell (Denmark) and Skyla Tothill (Sorrento) finished second, third and fourth respectively in the Under-18 Girls final, while Ruby Berry (Augusta), Kaleisha Launders (Margaret River) and Isi Campbell (Denmark) featured in the Under-16 Girls final.

Reigning State Champion Otis North (Yallingup) surfed with great style and flow to win a hotly contested Under-16 Cadet Boys final. North showed his big wave prowess and along with his younger brother Remy North (Yallingup, the pair put on a big wave display to be remember, finishing one-two when the siren sounded. 

Otis North finished on a combined total of 15.25 (from a possible 20) ahead of Remy North on 14.00, Jesse SIedmiogrodzki (City Beach) was third on 11.25 and Ned Hart finished fourth on 8.65.

“That was really cool to share a final with Remy and catch some big clean waves during a comp.” said North. “That was a day to remember for sure.”

Forming a key part of the Surfing WA’s development pathway, the Woolworths WA Junior Surfing Titles travels to Margaret River, Trigg Point and Geraldton attracting the state’s best young surfers who are seeking qualification to the Australian Junior Surfing Titles.

Mia Scott (Margaret River) was awarded the Creatures of Leisure ‘Little Legend’ Award for determination and big wave charging that inspired many with with her courage and commitment.

After a memorable start to the three event series, all attention now turns to the stop two which will head to Trigg Point, where the journey towards crowing the 2021 WA Junior Surfing Champions will continue.

Woolworths are committed to encouraging healthy eating habits amongst Aussie kids and gave away over 25 million pieces of free fruit last year as part of their free fruit for kids program.

Surfing WA acknowledges the State Government’s support through the Road Safety Commission and reminds all our traveling competitors and families of the dangers of sending a text message or using a mobile phone while behind the wheel – Remember #NoTxtNoWrecks.

For more information on this or any other WA event be sure to log onto and check out all the Surfing WA social media platforms for event updates and information


1. George Simpson (Gracetown) – 15.65
2. Jack Mitchell (Margaret River) – 14.90
3. Jack Mickle (Trigg) – 11.00
4. Brock Launders (Margaret River) – 9.60

1. Willow Hardy (Gnarabup) – 10.75
2. Mia Scott (Margaret River) – 8.15
3. Isi Campbell (Denmark) – 8.00
4. Skyla Tothill (Sorrento) – 0.00

1. Otis North (Yallingup) – 15.25
2. Remy North (Yallingup) – 14.00
3. Jesse Siedmiogrodzki (City Beach) – 11.25
4. Ned Hart (Yallingup) – 8.65

1. Willow Hardy (Gnarabup) – 10.90
2. Ruby Berry (Augusta) – 7.50
3. Kaleisha Launders (Margaret River) – 6.00
4. Isi Campbell (Denmark) – 5.25

1. Maverick Wilson (Dunsborough) – 12.40
2.Okie Fraser (Margaret River) – 10.25
3. Sid Englert (Gracetown) – 7.25
4. Remy North (Yallingup) – 4.40

1. Olive Hardy (Gnarabup) – 9.50
2. Leila Fraser (Margaret River) – 6.75
3. Mia Jacobs (Mandurah) – 6.75
4. Indie Siedmiogrodzki (City Beach) – 4.90

1. Ace Flynn (Cowaramup) – 12.90
2. Rhys Bulloch (Secret Harbour) – 12.00
3. Crus Uros (Dunsborough) – 9.90
4. Cam Spencer (Dunsborough) – 8.25


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