Surveyors assessing the Boards up for Cancer Guinness World Record attempt have completed the first phase of verification, counting the boards and accurately determining the distance covered.

The event, in which boards were placed end to end from Trigg to Scarborough, raised money for Solaris Cancer Care, which provides support to patients and their families who are dealing with cancer. Solaris services include counselling, complementary therapies, education, wellness activities, support groups, courses, and workshops.

An aerial drone was used to survey the entire length of the attempt and every board was counted and photographed.

In all, 874 boards were laid end-to-end on the sand, eclipsing the previous record of 685 boards, set by New York in 2016.

It also set the record for the longest line of boards, 1692.495m, just ahead of the New York distance of 1681.85m.

Details of the event, the survey methods and related information will be forwarded to Guinness World Records for official verification. 

Land Surveys completed the measurement by aerial survey and verified the information on ground by GPS.

Land Surveys captured multiple overlapping aerial images by drone. The images were stitched together to form one complete map of the surfboard line.

Using coordinated ground control points (GCPs) and a processing technique called photogrammetry, the information collected on the images was converted into a 3D point cloud.

The visualisation allows for accurate measurements to be taken and specific areas located.

The weekend event raised nearly $40,000 for Solaris Cancer Care.

Solaris Cancer Care chief executive officer Francis Lynch thanked those who took part.

“Solaris is extremely grateful for the support. The funds raised will enable us to continue to provide our services for many people,” Mr Lynch said.

“The success of the day is a credit not only to those who registered, but our generous sponsors and the many organisers and volunteers who helped on the day.”

Clough, Keiko UNO Jewellery, RAC and Platform Communications sponsored the event.

Boards up for Cancer organiser, Surfing WA chief executive officer and former Solaris Ambassador Mark Lane said he was overwhelmed by the many people who donated their time.

“When people realised the event was to help Solaris Cancer Care they were happy to donate their time to make sure it was a success,” Mr Lane said.

“We know WA people are generous and that the surfing community will rally together for good causes. Today was a great example of that generosity and willingness to help.”



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