The south coast town of Denmark has turned on great winter waves for the final event of the Volte Wetsuits WA Longboard & Logger Titles presented by SunSmart, with a total of 15x State Champions crowned at Ocean Beach over the weekend in classic longboard conditions.

Denmark’s protected coastline of rocky points and beautiful bays provided the ideal backdrop for WA’s best longboarders, who turned up in droves to compete for prestigious State Titles and all important WA team positions for the upcoming Australian Surf Championships, scheduled to take place in Port Macquarie, NSW in August.

Light winds, sunny skies and small, but consistent 1-2 waves rolled through all weekend at Ocean Beach. The spectacular scenery and fantastic waves made for a memorable event series which started in Yallingup back in February.

Surfers from across the State put on a show in the fun and playful waves on offer with many new and old faces coming together for an amazing celebration of ‘big board’ riding in WA.

Evan Ledger (Cottesloe) and Michaela Ross (Denmark) dominated, taking out top honours in the blue-ribbon Open Men’s and Open Women’s division respectively.

Ledger showed his small wave prowess, locking into some of the best waves of the weekend, posting a near perfect 9.60 (from a possible 10), during the 25-minute final elevating him to first on a combined total of 14.30 (from a possible 20). Ledger was too strong for close friends Mark Matisons (Cottesloe), Jack Medland (Dunsborough) and Jacob McIvor (Rockingham), who finished second, third and fourth respectively. The win saw Ledger capture his maiden State Title.

“Denmark a pretty special place for longboarding and logging in WA,” said Ledger. “It’s been a pretty good vibe around the beach with a great atmosphere. The sun’s been out, with a few waves rolling through, what more could you ask for.”

Michaela Ross (Denmark) used her home ground advantage to showcase the progression of female longboarding in Western Australia, taking out the Open Women’s final in style. Using her smooth and graceful style, Ross flew across the waves using exquisite footwork and rail turns to take the win on a combined total of 12.34 (from a possible 20). Ross took down Georgia Young (Perth), Emily Gibbs (Quindalup) and Chelsea Bedford (Vasse) in an entertaining final.

“I grew up surfing this stretch of coast,” said Ross. “The vibe in the water is always so encouraging amongst the girls and I’ve had the best time meeting some new friends and catching up with old ones.”

Georgia Young (Perth) and Jack Medland (Dunsborough) dominated the increasingly popular Open Logger divisions, using the more traditionally shaped surfboards to style their way to victory at Ocean Beach.

Georgia Young (Perth) kept her amazing run of form from the Geraldton Winter Classic going, with victory in the Open Women’s Logger division. The former State and National Champion claimed the 2021 State Title and was thrilled with the win and the surfing on display from her fellow finalists.

“I can’t believe the conditions we’ve scored this weekend,” said Young. “To get two days of sunny skies and clean conditions in Denmark in June can be rare, but I’m stoked to see some new girls making their way to the State Titles.”

In a sea-sawing battle with Mark Matisons (Cottesloe), Jack Medland (Dunsborough) was pushed all the way in the Open Men’s Logger final, drawing upon his mix of traditional manoeuvres which tied together with effortless style and flow, allowing him to post a combined total of 15.17 (from a possible 20).

“I love it down here,” said Medland. “These waves are perfect practice for what we could be surfing over East at Nationals, so I’m happy with my performance and congrats to Mark for claiming the State Title.”

There were multiple State Title winners over the weekend with surfers from around WA benefitting from the conditions on offer at Ocean Beach. Paul Burke (Dunsborough) claimed both out the Over-45 and Over-50 Men’s State Title, while Richard Wain (Dunsborough) captured double State Title wins in the Over-55 and Over-60 Men’s divisions, as did Samantha Vanderford (Lancelin) unstoppable in the Over-40 and Over-50 Women’s division.

While in other results from the weekend, Doug Carruthers (Margaret River) won the Over-40 Men’s Logger division, while Amanda Curly (North Beach) took out the Over-40 Women’s Logger final. Bill Gibson was the best of the Over-65 surfers. Mick Marlin (Dunsborough) claimed the Over-70 Men’s State Title proving age is no barrier to competing,  with Indigo Mackenzie (Secret Harbour) scooping her maiden Under-18 Junior’s State Title.

“What an amazing display of longboarding and logging we saw on offer over the weekend,” said Surfing WA Events Manager Justin Majeks. “Congratulations to our 2021 State Champions and to everyone that has competed in this memorable event series. I wish our State Team qualifiers the best of luck at the upcoming National Titles in August.”

Jack Medland claimed the West Coast Suspensions Wave of the Weekend for some of his amazing footwork during the Open Men’s and Open Logger divisions.

Surfing WA acknowledges the State Government’s support through the Road Safety Commission and reminds all our traveling competitors and families of the dangers of sending a text message or using a mobile phone while behind the wheel – Remember #NoTxtNoWrecks.

Stay tuned to for news, photos and updates relating to the 2020 Volte WA Longboard and Logger Titles presented by SunSmart.


Open Men’s Longboard:
1. Evan Ledger (Cottesloe) – 14.30
2. Mark Matisons (Cottesloe) – 13.67
3. Jack Medland (Dunsborough) – 12.54
4. Jacob McIvor (Rockingham) – 10.90

State Champion: Evan Ledger

Open Women’s Longboard:
1. Michaela Ross (Denmark) – 12.34
2. Georgia Young (Perth) – 11.90
3. Emily Gibbs (Quindalup) – 9.76
4. Chelsea Bedford (Vasse) – 7.00

State Champion: Emily Gibbs

Open Men’s Logger:
1. Jack Medland (Dunsborough) – 15.17
2. Mark Matisons (Cottesloe) – 13.17
3. Scott Trew (Gabbadah) – 13.10
4. Evan Ledger (Cottesloe) – 8.23

State Champion: Mark Matisons

Open Women’s Logger:
1. Georgia Young (Perth) – 12.80
2. Georgie Loughridge (Denmark) – 11.06
3. Zali Corry (Mandurah) – 8.33
4. Georgia Hanson (Karridale) – 5.90 

State Champion: Georgia Young

Under 18 Junior Women’s:
1. Indigo Mackenzie (Secret Harbour) – 18.23
* results based off 2x finals

State Champion: Indigo Mackenzie

Over 40 Men’s Logger:
1. Doug Carruthers (Margaret River) – 24.23
2. Bill Gibson (Margaret River) – 20.77
* results based off 2x finals

State Champion: Bill Gibson

Over 40 Women’s Logger:
1. Amanda Curley (North Beach) -18.16
* results based off 2x finals

State Champion: Amanda Curley

Over 40 Women’s:
1. Samantha Vanderford (Lancelin) – 23.3
2. Merome Darvill (Albany) – 22.59
3. Amanda Curley (North Beach) – 14.76
* results based off 2x finals

State Champion: Samantha Vanderford

Over 45 Men’s Longboard:
1. Paul Burke (Dunsborough) – 17.88
2. Steve Rayner (Dunsborough) – 12.49
* results based off 2x finals

State Champion: Paul Burke

Over 50 Men’s Longboard:
1. Paul Burke (Dunsborough) – 21.31
2. Mick Bedford (Vasse) – 17.90
3. Doug Carruthers (Margaret River) – 15.44
4. Steve Rayner (Dunsborough) – 14.74
* results based off 2x finals

State Champion: Paul Burke

Over 50 Women’s Longboard:
1. Samantha Vanderford (Lancelin) – 24.33                                                 
* results based off 2x finals

State Champion: Samantha Vanderford

Over 55 Men’s Longboard:
1. Doug Carruthers (Margaret River) – 21.64
2. Richard Wain (Dunsborough) – 18.8
3. Mike Neunuebel (Denmark) – 16.90 
4. Frank Gray (Mandurah) – 16.73
5. Steve Rayner (Dunsborough) – 13.24

State Champion: Richard Wain

Over 60 Men’s Longboard:
1. Brent Moss (Esperance) – 20.93
2. Richard Wain (Dunsborough) – 18.17
3. Mike Neunuebel (Denmark) – 17.36                                                                                                                                                        4. Frank Gray (Mandurah) – 16.86                                                                                                                                                                        * results based off 2x finals

State Champion: Richard Wain

Over 65 Men’s Longboard:
1. Bill Gibson (Margaret River) – 23.67
 * results based off 2x finals

State Champion: Bill Gibson

Over 70 Men’s Longboard:
1. Mick Marlin (Dunsborough) – 16.00
2. Tony Harrison (Albany) – 15.83
3. Gerry Bejarano (Balga) – 12.07
* results based off 2x finals

State Champion: Mick Marlin

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