Published on 11/08/2021

We are excited to celebrate a major milestone this month, with work commencing on our brand new, custom-designed facility at South Trigg Beach.

Due for completion in mid 2022, the project has been fully funded by the Federal Government and Surfing WA, on land provided through a City of Stirling ground lease.

Situated approximately 250 metres from Surfing WA’s current base, our new home will be a low-line / single-storey, demountable facility, designed to complement the coastal environment. It will bring many benefits for our members, participants and the surfing community, plus other local clubs and the broader public.

There will be no changes to beach access, existing public ablution amenities or eastern dune coverage (adjacent to the roundabout). Public Open Space on the northern side will be retained and rehabilitated with grassed terracing, trees, picnic/shade shelters and seating. It will also include a new landscaped ‘pause’ area with seating, to improve access for all users of the paved coastal pathway.

Surfing WA Chairman, Mike Best, said it was beginning of an exciting new era for our organisation. “The surge in popularity of our sport has seen us well and truly outgrow where we live,” he said. “We have been based in an old kiosk building at Trigg since 1995 and it is no longer suitable for the needs of Surfing WA and the surfing community.”

“The new training amenities will enable us to support the participation and achievement of surfers
well into the future,” he said.

While work is being undertaken, a larger perimeter of fencing has been installed around the area for safety and security. Beach access will not be affected during this time and the builder (Bistel) does not expect any major interruptions. Any disruptions will be minor and temporary, with advance notice provided via signage at the location and on the City of Stirling website.

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