The metropolitan beaches premier surfing tournament, the Corsaire Aviation King of the Point presented by City of Stirling concluded yesterday, with six new champions claiming crowns and etching their names into the record books, with standout performances in challenging conditions off Trigg Beach.

First run back in 1979, the King of the Point is one of WA’s most iconic events, boasting an impressive honour roll of past champions including WA legends; Mike McAuliffe (Margaret River), Dave Macaulay (Gracetown), Jake Paterson (Yallingup) and Jacob Willcox (Margaret River) to name just a few.

43 years on, King of the Point continues to attract many of the finest surfers in all the land to the royal Kingdom of Trigg, where they battled not only one another, but the elements as well, in an attempt to claim one of WA surfings most prestigious and sought after titles.

It was Yallingup surfers who stole the show, claiming all six crowns on offer in a royal flush of victorious for the region known for producing world-class surfers.

Duke Nagtzaam (Yallingup) and Claire Bevilacqua (Yallingup), have booked their spots into next month’s trials event for the Margaret River Pro, after claiming victory in the blue-ribbon King and Queen of the Point divisions respectively.

Nagtzaam mastered the 1-2 feet waves on offer, proving he is one of Western Australia’s best underground surfers, displaying a mastery of his fibreglass blade and dropping some the highest scores of the event on his way to his maiden King of the Point win.

Nagtzaam dominated the event, winning all of his heats on his way to defeating another impressive performer in Cyrus Cox (Margaret River), in a thrilling man-on-man final. Using his razor-sharp repertoire of forehand manoeuvres, Nagtzaam posted a two-wave combined total of 14.53 (from a possible 20) which included a perfect 7.53 and a backup 7.00. Despite some excellent surfing of his own on route to and during the final, Cyrus Cox was left chasing a 7.21 (from a possible 10), to steal the win.

“I haven’t won an event in a long time, so this feels amazing,” said Nagtzaam. “I might be able to get a wave out there at the Point now maybe. It’s been such a great event, it keeps the groms frothing and I’m stoked to add my name to a list of epic former winners.”

Claire Bevilacqua (Yallingup) claimed her fourth Queen of the Point crown, with an inspired performance from the former World Tour competitor. Bevilacqua’s win makes her the most successful Queen to ever have surfed at Trigg Point, taking down 2022 Open Women’s State Champion and big wave charger Felicity Palmateer (Yanchep).

In a wave starved final, Bevilacqua found the best waves on offer and threw down a series of high speed, vertical manoeuvres which saw her post a two-wave combined total of 10.90 (from a possible 20).

“I’m so grateful to be here and still competing against these legends,” said Bevilacqua. “Thanks for always pushing me Flic (Felicity), we always have a good time and it’s nice to get one back on her after she beat me at my home break at Injidup last month.”

Tommy Trigwell (Yallingup) was a popular champion in the Over-40 Lord of the Point division, throwing down some of his very best surfing when it counted to take down Luke Wyllie (North Fremantle), Paul Paterson (City Beach) and Oscar Pellizzon (North Beach).

The win for Trigwell, came off the strength of 6.33 and 5.77, finishing on a two-wave total of 12.10 (from a possible 20).

“This is my second Lord of the Point title and it’s always a treat to surf against these guys,” said Trigwell. “It’s been a great weekend up here competing with my boy, he’s frothing and improving which helps my surfing as well.”

Maverick Wilson (Dunsborough) took out the hotly contest Under-21 Prince of the Point division. After returning from competing in the wave pool in Melbourne last week, Wilson looked in sync with his equipment, picking off some great waves and linking together the series of smooth and clean forehand snaps to claim another major feather in his cap for 2022.

Wilson kept busy during the final, catching nine waves and finishing on 13.80 (from a possible 20), leaving his competitors chasing either excellent numbers or a  combination of scores to steal the win.

“The waves were actually pretty fun, a little small and slow, but I’ve had a great time,” said Wilson. “All the boys were ripping this weekend and I’d like to congratulate all the Yallingup crew for crushing it.”

Emma Cattlin (Yallingup), won the first ever Under-21 Princess of the Point division, dominating the 25-minute final and joining an illustrious lineup of winners in 2022. Cattlin sliced and diced on her backhand and forehand, amassing an impressive two-wave total of 13.83 (from a possible 20), which included a heat high 7.50 and back up 6.33.

Cattlin was too strong from Skyla Tothill (Sorrento), Ruby Berry (Augusta) and Indie Siedmiogrodzki (City Beach), as she claimed victory in the King of the Point’s newest division. 

“I haven’t won a comp in a while so it feels pretty unreal right now,” said Cattlin. “I grew up surfing this stretch of coast so I knew I had to keep busy out there, all the girls surf so well so it’s a win I won’t forget for a while.”

Otis North (Yallingup) continued his winning ways in 2022, with victory in the exciting Under-17 Boys Jester of the Point division. Arguably one of the most consistent surfers of the event, North defeated Jake Scott (Swanbourne), Phoenix Wilson (Dunsborough) and Ben Scott (Swanbourne), finishing on a two wave total of 12.10.

“It’s been a really fun event and well done to all the Yalls crew,” said North. “This is my first King of the Point event, but I don’t think it will be my last.”

As well as the exciting surfing matchups going down in the water, there was plenty happening out of it as well. Amazing food and refreshing drinks were on offer at Canteen and Island Market all weekend, the Vans Skate & Create Zone had the kids frothing out on a custom built mini ramp, while live DJ’s, treasure hunts, as well as surfboard test areas made for a truly memorable weekend of surfing.

Surfing WA Events Manager Justin Majeks was thrilled with the outcome of this longstanding and iconic event, congratulating everyone involved in the success of this years Corsaire Aviation King of the Point.

“A big well done to everyone that hit the water this weekend,” said Majeks. “I’m thrilled to see the King of the Point truly cement itself as a ‘must-attend’ event on the Surfing WA calendar. A big congratulations goes out to all of our event champions, finalists, participants and supporters, we simply can’t run events like this without all of you.”

Fletcher Llanwarne (Duncraig) scored a brand new Rusty Surfboard by completing the best aerial of the event!

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For more information on this or any other event held in WA, be sure to log onto www.surfingwa.com.au and use the hashtag #KingofthePoint to interact with Surfing WA across their social media platforms.


1. Duke Nagtzaam (Yallingup) – 14.53 – $1,500
2. Cyrus Cox (Margaret River) – 14.53 – $500

1. Claire Bevilacqua (Yallingup) – 9.75 – $1,500
2. Felicity Palmateer (Yanchep) – 10.50 – $500

1. Tommy Trigwell (Dunsborough) – 12.10 – $250
2. Luke Wyllie (North Fremantle) – 11.50
3. Paul Paterson (City Beach) – 8.57
4. Oscar Pellizzon (North Beach) – 7.04

1. Maverick Wilson (Dunsborough) – 13.80 – $250
2. Jake Hagan (Geraldton) – 11.13
3. Jesse Siedmiogrodzki (City Beach) – 8.86
4. Jack Mitchell (Margaret River) – 5.47

1. Emma Cattlin (Yallingup) – 13.83 – $250
2. Skyla Tothill (Sorrento) – 11.13
3. Ruby Berry (Augusta) – 8.86
4. Indie Siedmiogrodzki (City Beach) – 6.70

1. Otis North (Yallingup) – 12.10 – $250
2. Jake Scott (Swanbourne) – 10.76
3. Phoenix Wilson (Dunsborough) – 9.04
4. Ben Scott (Swanbourne) – 6.37

About Corsaire Aviation:
Corsaire Aviation was founded in 2015 by Luke Wyllie. His passion for aviation was passed down through his step-father who was a keen aviator and a collector of war-birds.Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, Luke had a vision of creating tourism opportunities for WA, as well as offering a safe, reliable service for the resource industry, which Western Australia is so heavily dependent on. Corsaire Aviation is proud to be the supplier of helicopters and aeroplanes to WA’s Oil and Gas, Mining, and tourism sectors from the Kimberley to the Great South, and everywhere in between. Corsaire’s fleet of private aircraft and executive helicopters are your ultimate experience in waiting. More information at www.corsaireaviation.com.au


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